3 Popular (And Low-Risk) Bets For Roulette

The roulette  is one of the most popular games and striking in casinos , both physical and online, and although it seems it’s a game super simple where you just choose a number and a color, there is much more behind it, offering the players plenty of chances to make bets that can take big risks, or feel the adrenaline to the maximum without the fear of losing everything. If you are starting in this world, here are the most popular and “simple” bets on roulette .

You should know that the main bets in roulette can be divided into two groups: the simple ones and the compound ones; the former (which are also known as outside bets due to their location on the roulette table ) are the most popular and easiest for bettors .

By Color

It is about betting on the color red or black, regardless of the number that comes out. So if you bet on black and the ball lands on any black number, you take a profit.

Even And Odd

Just as simple as the previous one. All you have to do is choose one of the two possibilities and that’s it. For example, if you bet on odd (1, 3, 5, 7, 9…), you will win if any odd number comes up. The case is the same with even numbers.

Ups And Downs

In roulette , the first 18 numbers are separated from the last 18 numbers, the low being from 1 to 18, and the high from 19 to 36. You just have to choose which of the two bets to have your chance to win.

In the options mentioned above, the chances of you winning are quite high, almost 50%! (almost because 0 and / or 00 do not fall into these categories), but the prize is usually remarkably small compared to compound bets . However, in compound (also known as inside) bets the odds of winning are varied, but very small compared to the simple ones. Of course, the prizes are also different, but they are all juicier.

We recommend that, both in roulette and in the rest of the games in our Casino and Live Casino , you start with the smallest and simplest bets. Thus, when you have more practice and knowledge, you can take the initiative, place bigger bets and have a better chance of winning.

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