Conversion Analysis

Conversion analysis

Conversion analysis is a significant part of the web marketing exercise as it quantifies and qualifies the result that we achieve by implementing web marketing strategies. It must be established on a regular basis that our efforts are in line with our expectation and the time frame. Any of the factors that is preventing the marketing to be fruitful should be addressed to. It is important that the conversion is analysed with a broader perspective and any sort of problems must be reviewed and necessary steps be taken. Whether it is a case of conversion of goals or e-commerce sales, there are metrics that can exactly deduce the root cause of the slow rate of the conversion. There may be an issue with the website design and layout or the marketing strategy might be flawed. A broad perspective of looking into the issues will help you learn about the problem easily. A detailed analysis of the website is carried out to address the area of concern.

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Following areas of website and web marketing is analysed to come to derive a conclusion:

  • The Content of the website is thoroughly scanned which show up in the conversion analysis.

  • The design of the website is important and so is the layout and if the consumer does not find the website easy enough to navigate, the conversion rate is bound to suffer.

  • The search engine of the website is invariably used by the users, so it must be made highly efficient.

  • Also, the links are fine tuned and broken links are removed so that traffic inflow is not adversely affected.

  • A funnel analysis is carried out which shows the conversion metrics against the each campaign and strategy that is implemented to be able to trace the problem of concern efficiently.

  • It also helps to know which strategy is working exceptionally fine and must be continued with.


1SEOIN conversion analysis services

Conversion analysis is not something that is meant for the clients to know, but for the internal inspection and validation of the strategies that we are implementing. Regular analysis of the conversion rate helps to quantify the results that are being achieved by the ongoing website marketing. For us, conversion analysis is a hallmark of better service and professional attitude. Our approach towards conversion analysis is quite broad and factors so that we can zero in on the exact area of concern.

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