Refund & Cancellation Policy

1SEO IN guarantees 100% satisfactory products and services to its privileged and esteemed customers. Our refund & cancellation policies are flexible in terms of refunds and returns. Depending upon the case we will refund the basic price for the product or service. No refund will be made if the period of 30 days has elapsed. We do not charge cards after cancellation of service. If a client has infringed any of our privacy policy or terms and conditions no refund will be procured.

We serve our customers as soon as they sign up with us. For search engine optimization, your listing will appear within 60 days of starting of the service because of the policy and procedures followed by the search engines. You are always billed for amount you are rendering service in the current month, we never charge ahead of time.

If a customer sigh a contract or choose of plan for a particular period of time, they are not eligible to cancel it in the middle. SEO funds will not be refunded in such cases. If you have not signed a contract you can cancel the plan before starting of the new month.

Before cancellation of any product or service, we would like you to give us your feedback or a last chance to make you satisfied. In this manner, we also improvise on our service and the customer is also satisfied. You can contact us on the numbers available on the contact us page for any situation. We aim to be faithful and honest to our customers.

Certain mistakes from our part can get you full refund-

  • In case we do not start our service after 15 days of making payment

  • In case of wrong information collected from our side, in case that you give us wrongful data, then that will not be refunded.

  • Within 48 hrs. of start of project you change your mind.

  • If you are unsatisfied with our work you can get a partial refund.

  • If the client does not share information on time, the project will be automatically cancelled.