Squidoo Lens Creation

Take advantage of Squidoo and give your website a huge boost in ranking

Secure a high search engine ranking for your website with the expert Squidoo lens creation and optimization service offered by 1SEOIN. Use the service for backlink creation, and also as a source for high quality traffic driven by the highly active Squidoo community. Try your hands at affiliate marketing, which is the newest features, that has been made available to users who own Squidoo Lenses. A Squidoo lens is a dedicated section that the professionals at 1SEOIN will create for your website. Here we will discuss the services that you offer, the advantages that your brand provides over your competitors, and a lot of useful information that projects you as an expert in your industry.

It’s your turn now to create Squidoo Lens and understand its importance in generating targeted traffic. If you are a layman and looking for suggestions and advices, let our qualified team guide you through the entire process.

Best Plans to suit all kinds of the web marketing requirements.

Advantages of using Squidoo for promoting your website:

  • Incredibly viral platform

  • High PR web 2.0 service that can be used by anyone

  • Complete control over the content that you can post here

  • Images, videos and text can be used in combination to produce greater results

  • Squidoo Lens can be changed anytime you want to include new information

  • Possibility to take part in affiliate marketing through your Squidoo Lens

What is Squidoo and why is it relevant to online marketing

Squidoo is a highly popular Web 2.0 website that is famous for its open nature and user generated content. Thousands of people create new sections on the website every day, called lenses, and these lenses focus on any one topic or industry. Creating a Squidoo lens for your business is very useful as not only does the Squidoo website have a very active audience, the service also has a high page rank. Which means that if you use the lens as a source of backlinks for your website, then these links will have a high value associated with them. The immense popularity of Squidoo ensures that your lens will get a high search engine ranking, thereby exposing a lot of people to your company. The community on the Squidoo website is highly active as well, and you will get considerable traffic from their user base itself. These factors combined will ensure that the traffic towards your website is high quality, and serves to boost the search engine ranking of your website in a short period of time.

The 1SEOIN advantage

1SEOIN specialises in creating high quality Squidoo Lenses that generate a lot of interest. A Lens has to be approved by the website before it can be seen by the public, and our professionals are experts at creating a Squidoo Lens that gets approval very quickly and invites other users to interact with your brand. We also promote your Squidoo Lens to several websites, and thus provide faster, as well as better results to you in a record period of time.

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