Plumber SEO / Outreach / Guest Post : HOW TO GET STARTED

Guest blogging is a technique also referred to as guest posting, which involves the writing and publishing of articles in a blog or website as guest author. There is a world of good to be gained by doing this. Some of the numerous benefits include:

  • Backlinks: Guest blogging is effective in the creation of links to your own website. It’s like you are baiting your audience with a teaser to come for more, which can only be found on your website. This way, you’ll be creating high traffic and publicity for your website or blog.
  • Branding and more traffic: The readers are drawn in by the little you have given in your guest post and come to you for more in your comfort zone. Guest written articles should be in your field of expertise, such that when the traffic is high, you will have enough information to keep feeding without exhaustion.

Considerations for an Article or a Post

So what does it take to make a winning guest post?

  • Have an objective:  Every article should have a purpose. This helps you to focus your energies and be as direct as possible. Ambiguity testifies to a lack of direction and a misplacement of purpose.
  • Target blogs: These should be carefully studied and chosen as they can only publish your work as a reflection of their worth – they can only make you a brand if they are. It should also have a similar flow and energy to your objective. This is how you get a high and responsive traffic.
  • Guest posting opportunities: You have to search for opportunities. Search engines can be of advantage here. Type in keywords which may include “guest blogging” or “guest posting”. With the provided results, scan and narrow down sites till you get one you are most comfortable with.

The Article

You’re great at what you do, so writing about it will take nothing more than just a bit of creativity. And if you do it right, the results may blow your mind. Here’s how.

  • Write: In writing a guest post, you should go through the previous posts on the site to make sure yours is not a repetition of another. Be as close in style to blog’s as possible, but do not lose your originality as the uniqueness of your article will be a considered factor in its acceptance. Also check out the blog’s target audience and be sure your article fits and captures their interests while being of great value to the website and the audience.
  • Contact the blog owner: If this is a person known to you, meet and discuss writing as a guest author on their blog. If you do not know the blog owner, write an introductory email in which you should include your name, email address, twitter ID, Facebook ID and some of your published work.
  • Capture traffic: Be sure to keep the traffic that floods your site after your guest post. This can be done by making your best works the first they see.
  • Promote your guest post: Do this by sharing links of it on every platform you can and also on social media.
  • Attend to all questions: Never ignore your readers when asked questions. This can be a form of feedback and even guide you in your subsequent posts.


A guest post must be attractive and catchy enough to get accepted by the host website. The following steps will get your plumbing niche post to a unique standard that cannot be resisted:

  1. Identify related markets: The objective is to look for websites that advertise markets that are directly (like construction, renovating, house improvement) and indirectly (like child safety, gardening, health, property management) related to plumbing.
  2. Review and match the website’s voice: It is really important to target the same audience the website is aimed at and follow the content type they share on their website. This gives you an edge as you not only gain the attention of the owners, but their confidence as well. However, this requires dedication and skill, going through previous posts on the website, and adopting their style of writing while maintaining your personality and the uniqueness of the post you are selling to them.
  3. Engage your audience, catch them visually: Add meaningful and colorful images or even videos along with your content. This has its appeal and attracts the readers, and without their knowing, your company is registered in their subconscious. Also, this way, they will be more likely to engage in your guest post. This could be achieved by the use of guest blogging (which will serve as backlinks to get more information) in blogs with less traffic than the main website you are using, infographics, business directories for link building, podcast and articles.   
  4. Add value to your guest post: This is a must for your article to gain acceptance as well as earn the publicity you aim at. Peruse the website’s previous posts to find the gaps where you can contribute additional value. Your proposed content can be a bait piece, optimized to be gainful for your work or even the website’s SEO. There may be need to work on answering the readers’ questions on previous posts in your own advertisement.
  5. Be as clear and brief as possible: Be honest, explicit, yet brief in the description of your work. To do this, there should be a skillful play of words that catches the readers’ attentions, endearing them to the type of plumbing you are selling without boring them. 
  6. Use keywords: For every business line, there are always keywords the readers look out for, most times unknowingly, to ascertain if the product or skill being sold is well known by the seller. In the competitive world of various plumbing ventures, you have to stand out using technical terms in a simple and well understood way.
  7. Go the extra mile: Add extra information on plumbing that most of the target audience is unaware of. This will captivate them and make them want to search out more. It will also be helpful to create backlinks from your article to help answer any questions the audience will have, which could also be a platform to reel business deals and work publicity.

With all of these in place, you are well on your way to boosting the success of your plumbing venture.

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