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SEO and other online marketing processes are continual and time consuming. Also, the duration of the marketing and optimisation largely depend on the nature of the business and budget allocation. The Plans for SEO and online marketing services have been developed keeping all the decisive factors in mind. For businesses that are venturing into an ultra-competitive domain like e-commerce, an aggressive online marketing plan is required which has a right blend of paid and organic SEO to deliver fast and impressive results. With techniques and search engine evolving at a regular basis, it is imperative that SEO also takes a leap further and explore many hidden ways of brand promotion that can be tried. To cater to the different requirements of different businesses, there are many ready-made as well as customisable SEO plans for our clients which helps you in leveraging the potential of SEO, SMO, E-mail marketing and all forms of digital marketing to raise brand awareness and at the same time build the reputation of the brand.

  • 1SEOIN has several SEO plans and package to suit your requirements.
  • These plans are carefully formulated for small to large enterprise and from local marketing to highly competitive and aggressive marketing.

SEO plans from 1SEOIN

The plans for SEO and related online marketing services can be availed at the most competitive price.

The plans offered are:

  • Bronze Plan: The bronze plan is the value plan which is ideal for local business with an eye only on local consumers. The features that you get with the plan include website analysis, content plagiarism check, back link analysis, rank report and keyword research etc. 
  • Silver Plan: Silver plan is tailor made for companies which face moderate competition and include review and analysis, on page analysis, off page analysis, code cleanup, tag optimisation, SMO, local search listings. Monthly reporting is also included.
  • Gold Plan: This plan also has similar features as Silver plan with increased frequency of blog-posting, infograph creation and related activities. You get 70 Socialbookmarking in a month if you avail gold SEO plans.  

Diamond Plan: In the diamond plan, 2 blogs will be written in a month and the article writing will be done 7 times a month. The press release, guest blog postings and infograph creation are also the maximum in the case of Diamond Plan. You get more than 100 social bookmarking and other SMO features.